Taylor Counseling

Counseling Program Beliefs, Vision and Mission Statements


  • At the heart of counseling is advocacy for all students, ensuring that the diversity of our student body is respected, appreciated and represented in all aspects of student life.
  • All students have dignity and worth, and regardless of race, background, or unique learning needs, can succeed academically.
  • All students have the right to learn in an environment that is physically and emotionally safe in order for optimal learning.
  • Education is a service in which the needs of the whole child must be met: academic, social-emotional and college/career readiness.
  • The ASCA model provides a foundation and direction for an ethically-based and data-driven school counseling program.
  • The counseling program must work in concert with school administration, counseling advisory committee, parents, teachers and staff in order to model collaboration to the students and be successful in its endeavors.


All Taylor Elementary students are aspiring leaders of the changing global community. A rigorous and comprehensive school counseling program integrated with the STEAM focus of the Taylor educational community will facilitate a safe learning environment for students to become creative, collaborative, and critical thinkers. After elementary school, all Taylor students, regardless of background, will not only be poised to succeed academically and socially throughout their secondary education, but will also possess the skills to continue to explore and excel throughout their lives.


The Taylor school counseling program advocates an equitable education for all Taylor students by providing the necessary resources and support as outlined in the ASCA model.  The counseling program delivers a comprehensive counseling curriculum promoting the skills of communication, collaboration, creativity and critical thinking that is the foundation of Taylor’s STEAM initiative and will prepare students to be viable contributors within a dynamic global community. In partnership with the school community, the ethically-based and data-driven counseling program encourages Taylor’s students to aspire to excellence in a lifelong continuum that spans their academic, social-emotional and career goals.