Counseling Lessons

For all grade levels, Taylor school counselors provide classroom lessons, small groups, “lunch bunches”, and individual meetings. The topics we will be covering in classrooms this year are as follows.

Month Kindergarten 1st Grade 2nd Grade 3rd Grade 4th Grade 5th Grade
September Counselor Intro (Feelings & Being Kind) & Learning to Listen Counselor Intro & Focusing Attention (Focused vs. Distracted) Counselor Intro &Mindfulness Counselor Intro & Mindfulness Counselor Intro & Being Assertive Counselor Intro & Goal Setting/Fixed vs. Growth Mindset
October Bullying Prevention (What to do if someone is bothering you?) Bullying Prevention (What to do if someone is bothering you?) Bullying Prevention & Kindness Bullying Prevention Bullying Prevention/Bystander Power Bullying Prevention/Cyberbullying
November Problem Solving/Size of the Problem Problem Solving/Size of the Problem Bullying Prevention Goal-Setting Perspective Taking Accepting Differences/Perspective Taking
December Empathy (Understanding how others feel) Accidents (Making Mistakes) Self-Talk for Staying on Task Compassion Managing Strong Feelings Managing Worries
January Respecting Differences/ Being Unique & Similar vs. Different Managing Emotions – How to Calm Down Respecting Differences Friendship/Teamwork Short-Term Goal Setting

Problem Solving – Gossip

Being Assertive

February Career Exploration Career Exploration Making Mistakes Conflict Resolution Career Exploration Career Exploration

Managing Frustration

Calming Down Strong Feelings

Being Assertive Managing Anger Managing Worries Problem-Solving Middle School Transition
April Personal Safety Personal Safety Playing Fairly Peer Pressure Personal Safety Personal Safety
May  Problem Solving – Talk it Out  Problem Solving – Talk it Out Personal Safety Personal Safety  Peer Pressure Mental Health Awareness
June   Problem Solving – Talk it Out   Problem Solving – Talk it Out  Career Exploration  Career Exploration  End-of-Year Survey Making Good Choices