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Hopes & Dreams for Taylor Students: All students in all classes at all grade levels have access to appropriately differentiated materials, instruction, and activities in all subject areas. Students will find learning fun and intellectually stimulating. Students will be challenged and pushed to achieve at high levels without being overwhelmed or overly frustrated.

Welcome to Gifted Services at Taylor!

The gifted services purpose is to ensure that all students are provided with enrichment and opportunities for growth through a talent development model.

Please take a look through the helpful links in the menu on the left to discover more about what Taylor has to offer our growing scholars. Advanced Academics Coach, Ashley Burt, is excited to support teachers and students at Taylor Elementary. You are welcome to reach out via email

Professional Background:
I was born and raised in Pennsylvania where I grew a love for learning.   I have a bachelor’s degree in Music Therapy from Marywood University in Scranton, PA. I moved to Virginia in 2008,  and shortly after, I earned a master’s degree in Elementary Education from Marymount University. For more than a decade, I have had the privilege of working as a classroom teacher at Taylor Elementary, and  this school year, I became the Advanced Academics Coach.

Arlington Public Schools is dedicated to maximizing the strengths and potential of all students so they may become self-confident, well-rounded, responsible and productive citizens. Many gifted students need opportunities to think abstractly, work at various rates and levels of complexity, and pursue tasks independently. In addition, students eligible for gifted services need opportunities to learn with others of like abilities, as well as opportunities to develop social relationships with others of all abilities.For more resources and information about gifted services in Arlington, please visit the APS gifted services page.


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Ashley Burt