Dismissal Changes

New! Parents, use this form to report dismissal changes 

Report dismissal changes

  • Use this form for short-term (one or two days) changes to a student’s dismissal instructions. Submit one form for each day the change is in effect.
  • Do not use this form if the child is to be picked up early from school for an appointment (prior to 3:00 pm). Continue to email your teacher to let them know of any early dismissal.
  • Please make sure the correct date (s) are submitted as well as instructions as to whether they will be a car rider, a bus rider, a walker, going to extended day, or going home with a friend, etc.
  • Where applicable, include the name of the authorized adult to whom the child will be released. Please make sure the authorized adult has a photo ID available.

For long-term changes to your child’s dismissal instructions, email

Changes in dismissal should be reported no later than 3:00 pm (12:35 pm on early release days). Notes will be delivered to teachers each day shortly after 3:00 pm. Contact the Taylor front office with any last minute changes to your instructions, 703-228-6275