Parent Tech Check Off and Tip Sheet

Parent Tech Check Off

Things to Do to Help With Connectivity

 Cannot Connect to WiFi

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Now that you know where to locate your child’s credentials, now it is time to log into the iPad to prepare for the first day of school. Click on the iPad picture to see the tutorial (the link will appear below the picture).  All students (Pre-K- 5th) should follow these steps (whether just receiving an iPad or not). Screen Shot 2020-09-04 at 1.36.31 PM
You may have had your iPad over the summer and your iPad may be in different stages of set up.  Click on the picture to see what to do.
If you get to the “I Give Up” stage, no worries, contact me, your ITC, Atleacia Gibson through this Google Form.  I will respond via the email you put into the form.
How do I reach my teacher for the first day of school? Students will start their day from their Canvas app. This tutorial will demonstrate how to log into Canvas. (pages 7-15 of the video)
If you are having issues connecting to your child’s teacher or you need immediate technical assistance, I am opening my office hours from 8-10 am. during the first week of school only (Sept. 8-11) First complete the Tech Support form  and I will add you to the Team.  Office hours are Open Forum style for asking general questions and receiving immediate assistance. This is for the first week only. During all subsequent weeks, I will help through Teams by appointment only. Remember, first complete the Tech Support form and then click on the Teams  icon  button (to the right). I will begin checking the form by 7am each morning.
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