Taylor Volunteer Spotlight – Maria Baer

Maria Baer sets the bar pretty high for parent volunteers at Taylor Elementary. A regular helper in the Taylor library and a 4th grade room parent, she has proven to be one of Taylor’s most dedicated parent volunteers.

As a library volunteer, Baer comes in every week – usually on the library’s busiest days – and can quickly return books to the shelves, getting them ready for new readers to check out. She also helps out with library displays, collecting books and general crowd control on chaotic days.

“She is invaluable to our library, and a joy to catch up with every week,” said Taylor’s librarian, Ursula Reilly, and library assistant, Shannon Toole. “Making a school run successfully is a partnership between educators and parents – and Maria is a parent who truly makes a difference.”

In addition, Baer is the co-chair of the popular PTA-sponsored Book Fair that takes place each year in October. The Book Fair is a heavy lift, both in planning, moving boxes of books, and setting up the pop-up bookstore in the library for the week-long event.

Baer is also the co-chair of the Kidsgiving service club that involves both parents and students in monthly service projects. Baer’s Kidsgiving co-chair, Mary Sanders, said she appreciates Maria’s leadership, collaboration, enthusiasm, and friendship as they worked together to create the Kidsgiving program at Taylor. “Maria’s passion for community service and volunteering has influenced Taylor students to learn more about the needs of others in our community and ways they can make a positive impact to help others,” said Sanders.

Baer also serves as the room parent for Mike Evans’ 4th grade classroom. Evans commented that she’s quick with the sign-up genius whenever there’s a class party or class supply drive. When he asks parents for help, “she’s next in line to bring things in,” said Evans.

The parent of a Taylor 4th grade student and a senior at Yorktown High School, Baer’s not new to volunteering in schools. However, this is her last year at Taylor, since she and her family will be moving to Delaware this summer.

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