Grade 5

Fifth Grade at Taylor is an exciting year! Our studies in math, language arts, social studies, and science follow the Arlington Public Schools curriculum, which emphasizes the big ideas in the content areas. Through multiple experiences we learn what it means to take responsibility for our own learning.

To enrich our study of the content, we take several field trips during the year. We visit the Museum of Natural History for a scavenger hunt in science and social studies. We tour the National Cathedral to study medieval architecture. We walk to Donaldson Run Park and Potomac Overlook Regional Park to study flora and fauna. We go to the Planetarium to learn about astronomy. We spend a day at Hemlock Overlook to refine our team-building skills. We travel to the Outdoor Lab to learn about living with nature.

School-sponsored activities also extend our learning of subject matter. We participate in Continental Math League, Language Arts Olympiad, Junior Journal, Math Dice, and Quiz Bowl, and take part the school chorus, band, and/or orchestra and fitness or photography classes.

In addition to learning content, we learn responsibility by performing jobs to enrich the school. We are the patrols. We run the school store. We help out in the library, the art and music rooms, the computer lab, and in the gym. We are even Partners in Learning (PALs) to first graders.

Come springtime, we enjoy visits from the middle school guidance counselors and administration to learn about our next year’s academic and elective course possibilities. Following these visits, we journey to the middle schools for a student-led tour of the building and classes, to see performances by the band, orchestra, drama troops, and/or chorus, and to eat lunch in the cafeteria–a highlight of the visit!

We end the year with a pool party and a recognition ceremony to celebrate the special memories of life in fifth grade at Taylor. Fifth grade is truly a special year!