Grade 2

The Second Grade Team


Mrs. Goss, Mrs. Richardson, Mrs. Smith, Ms. Harvey, Mrs. Deuel

Second grade at Taylor builds on first grade accomplishments and prepares students for the greater academic challenges of 3rd grade.

What’s special about second grade at Taylor?

  • A commitment to team collaboration and a shared vision help build a strong sense of community among all second grade students and teachers.
  • Instruction is based on Virginia’s second grade Standards of Learning.
  • Differentiation of instruction is based on the needs of children.
  • Hands-on, activity-based learning and assessment keep students engaged.
  • Technology is Integrated in learning experiences with the use of personal learning devices.
  • Special second grade opportunities include:
    • Morning Meeting – In addition to a daily Morning Meeting in homerooms that includes greeting each other, sharing, an activity and reading a morning message, we gather together on Fridays as a second grade community for a shared Morning Meeting.
    • SOL Revue –  In the spring, the children showcase their second grade learning through drama, song, and dance in an annual grand revue.
  • Our strong home/school communication includes the use of Canvas, a web-based communication tool.
  • We are fortunate to have an active parent volunteer force that helps us provide a robust program for our children.

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