Readiness Expectations

And if lists are helpful to you, here is our own list of signs of readiness for first grade. Failure on a few of our items does not necessarily indicate unreadiness for first grade. But a significant number of “No” answers should most certainly make you question.

  • Does your child’s kindergarten teacher recommend that he/she go on to first grade?
  • Will he/she be fully six or preferably older before the September date when school begins?
  • Does he/she seem to you as mature as other children his/her same age?
  • Has the ordinary “good” behavior of the typical five broken up a bit and does your child show some signs of being or becoming a rebellious, argumentative six?
  • Can he/she copy a circle counterclockwise, starting at the top?
  • Can he/she copy a triangle?

Is your child experiencing difficulty?

  • Holding a pencil
  • Coloring
  • Using scissors to cut
  • Dressing himself
  • Separating from you
  • Sitting for more than five minutes
  • Sharing with others