At Taylor we celebrate our Principal!!

Today Taylor surprised Ms. Madigan, to recognize her hard work and dedication to the School.


The PTA provided Goldfish for the students and this had a special connection…Mrs. Madigan has been inspired by the book Schools of FISH, which is full of inspiring and instructive stories about people just like you, with hopes and challenges just like yours. It is about real life heroes doing their best to help their students find their best selves. Schools of FISH! offers practical ideas on classroom management. You tackle the problems you deal with every day by improving learning, self-respect and responsibility, self-discipline and inner motivation, and finding ways to make learning more fun. Because you’re not just teaching students to learn. . . you are inspiring them to want to learn.


Noble Givan read the story, The Power of One.

When a boy reaches out in friendship to a classmate who seems lonely, it starts a chain reaction of kindness that spreads throughout his school and his community. One kind act begets another, small good deeds give way to bigger ones, and eventually the whole neighborhood comes together to build something much greater than the sum of its parts. Even if you are a student (goldfish) in a school, your impact on others makes a difference. Showing kindness to others is a way of showing appreciation.