About the Library

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Taylor Library is the “bellybutton”  of the school and our mission is to:

  • promote the love of reading;
  • teach information literacy skills;
  • foster life long learning and global citizenship.

Our goal is to be a community space that provides students and teachers the environment and resources where they can access and create knowledge, solve problems and learn together.

Library Hours

The Library is open Monday through Friday from 8:45am-4:00 pm. Students may visit the library to check out books and do independent research during this time.

The Collection

Taylor has a wide range of materials that reflect differing points of view, varying levels of difficulty, and format. We have more than 15,000 resources for students, parents, and teachers. The collection includes print and electronic resources such as picture books, easy readers, fiction, non-fiction, biography, reference, and periodicals.


We want our students to know that this is a welcoming space where they can feed their love of reading. We encourage and promote this love of reading by ensuring that our students have access to books at school and at home. Students are not charged for overdue books. However, a fee is charges for lost books equal to the price of the lost book. Please treat our resources gently.

Our Staff

I am Ursula Reilly and I love being the Taylor Librarian! I love to help students find special books, be a part of their discoveries in books, and see the world of possibilities they find here.

Shannon Toole is our amazing, talented, and I believe magical library assistant. She helps check out books, process new books, repair damaged books, shelve the thousands of books we circulate each month, and work on special projects. Mrs. Toole makes Taylor Library run smoothly.

Contact Information

I can be contacted at ursula.reilly@apsva.us  or Taylor Elementary School Library (703) 228-8586.

The library program offers a variety of engaging and skill based lessons to help students become information literate and to help inspire an appreciation for literature and information. Typically, students in Kindergarten, first, and second grades learn how to use the library while students in third, fourth, and fifth grades apply their skills to utilizing the library while learning appropriate research techniques.

Collection and Materials

The Library has:

  • approximately 13,000 books available for circulation
  • approximately 20 subscriptions to print magazines
  • 4 ACORN stations to assist with online research
  • iPads and Macs for student research and e-reading