Physical Education

Welcome to Taylor P.E.! Taylor Elementary is thrilled to be working with all of our amazing Taylor Tigers! In gym class, our hope is that Taylor Tigers will:

  • try their best.
  • participate in all activities.
  • keep moving!
  • learn new skills.
  • cooperate with and encourage teammates.
  • exhibit good sportsmanship.
  • have fun!

The Physical Education Standards of Learning (SOL’s) for Virginia Public Schools have been revised. We look forward to sharing a rigorous, yet relevant curriculum with students.


The standards focus on 5 main topics:

  1. Motorskill development
  2. Anatomical basis of movement
  3. Fitness planning
  4. Social development
  5. Energy balance

Motor skill development focuses on demonstrating motor skills needed to perform physical activity. Anatomical basis of movement concentrates on developing basic anatomy and musculoskeletal vocabulary. Fitness planning involves teaching students how to use the five components of fitness to develop personal fitness goals. We will work together to build cardio respiratory endurance, improve muscular strength and endurance, increase flexibility and become more aware of healthy habits. Social development includes practicing safety, adhering to rules and procedures, etiquette, cooperation, ethics, accepting differences, and engaging in positive social interaction. Energy balance teaches students basic nutrition concepts. All five standards become progressively more complex as students move from kindergarten through fifth grade.

As always, SAFETY is our number one priority. Please make sure your child is prepared for physical education by wearing tennis shoes and comfortable clothing on the days s/he meets with us.


Did you know that Taylor Tigers should: ?????

  • Get 9-12 hours of sleep per night (depending upon age)
  • Eat a nutritious breakfast.
  • Fill half their plates with fruits and veggies.
  • Eat whole grains and lean protein.
  • Drink milk and eat additional sources of calcium too.
  • Drink several glasses of water a day and stay away from sugary drinks.
  • Enjoy at least 60 minutes of physical activity a day.
  • Play outside